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September 11, 2014 C.P.Hart

Both our Merchandising and Designer teams have great knowledge of bathroom trends and new products. Here is our 1 Minute Interview with our Senior Buyer, Angela Cheung:

What are the latest trends in luxury bathroom design?

Many trends are coming through in luxury bathroom design, but an evident trend is textures and the use of luxury materials such as stone. Stone is being used more on furniture draw fronts showing how much technology has progressed as we are able to use luxury materials in new formats, for example, with our new Neutra products launching in October. We are also seeing different textures being shown in furniture (concrete finishes - e.g. Dogi and Plaza) and corrugated surfaces on furniture are giving furniture a more interesting look, for example, Karol Bania products, also launching in October.

Which product is your current favourite in the showroom?

The Neutra Neos range (Exclusive to C.P. Hart)! Its a great example of understated luxury styling. This range had clean contemporary styling, and the luxury added by using stones such as Bianco Carrara, Silver Stone and woods such as Cherry Oak and Cedar wood.

What are you looking forward to the most in the world of luxury bathrooms in the next month?

When we mention luxury, many of us often think immediately of highly decorative and opulent products. This month, I'm looking forward to launching luxury in different formats. Luxury is not just about the look of the product - it is also about form, function and of course the quality of the materials that are used to produce luxury products. At C.P. Hart we will be launching luxury with technology (Dornbracht Smart Water, Rainskye E), Luxury with styling (Karol Bania), and luxury with the use of materials and textures (the afore mentioned Neutra). We are embracing luxury in all formats.

Are there any discounts available in store/special events/products that people should come in and see this month?

We have a big product lanuch in October at our Waterloo showroom where we will showcase the product we have been working on for the past 18 months to ensure we bring the best products to market.

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