Premier Account Application

September 9, 2013 C.P.Hart

At C.P. Hart we are always looking for ideas to improve our customer’s experience and make life easier. This has led to us looking at the way in which customers can apply for our Premier Trade Account.

The old application involved forms being printed, signed, scanned and emailed back to us. You can now go to the ‘Premier Account’ section of our site and fill in the new online form. If anymore information is needed, you’ll be contacted soon after your application…. It’s as simple as that!

Once you register for a trade account you will receive a code, which can be used to place an order on the site whilst you are waiting to be approved a trade account. This means there is no waiting about for your account to be processed, and you can start shopping straight away! The process has been made easier, but you still get exactly the same great advantages of a premier account as you could before, including an account manager, generous credit levels, monthly statements, and many more that can be found here.

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