Summer Showers

June 25, 2014 C.P.Hart

Thanks to new design and intelligent technology, the way in which we shower is starting to evolve.

A traditional shower enclosure is often small, with a deep shower tray that needs to be stepped into. This can make the space feel very restricted, and the shower appear to be separate from the bathroom. New minimalist designs now create a luxurious showering environment that almost feels open plan. This is due to the use of frameless glass and trays that fit flush to the floor, for example our Crystal Shower range.

For the ultimate bathroom experience, why not consider a wet room? They suit the restrictions of a typical UK bathroom, as they are open, with all surfaces waterproofed and the water draining directly into the floor.

Showerheads vary enormously in size and styles, from the traditional ‘watering can’ to the wafer thin Tremillimetri range. To help you decide which styles best suits you, there are 3 testing facilities that can be found at our Waterloo, Manchester, Tunbridge Wells and Chelsea showrooms.

There are some substantial shower products available in our Summer Sale. Visit your nearest showroom for more details from our experienced sales advisors, or view the sale guide brochure online

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